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"HackingEDU empowers future change-makers to revolutionize the World."

Many people are frustrated with the lack of change in Education and other social issues, and HackingEDU is challenging them to make a difference. Over 1000 hackers come to our events to fix problems in Education and their communities. We are providing the launchpad for them to create the change they wish to see in their world. For more information about our 2016 events, check out our overview doc!

Our biggest goal is to inspire the next generation of students to solve the problems that plague our education system. This is an opportunity for us, as college students, to raise our voice. It’s our time to redefine education. HackingEDU is excited to provide a launchpad for fellow student hackers to invent the future.

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We are always looking for passionate and hard-working people to help us grow HackingEDU and take it to the next level.
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Mentors from top companies will teach students important skills and cutting edge technologies that aren’t taught in the traditional classroom setting, covering everything from programming to networking and pitching.


Get feedback on your resume at Training Day! Attend our seminars and work with mentors to improve your resume and interviewing skills!


Take the skills and experience you’ve gained from this event and apply it to everything that you do! Our hackathon is all about getting students to realize that we have the power to change education!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Email us at team@hackingedu.co.

What is training day?

Training Day is a day of Workshops and training for all levels. It includes tutorials in Programming, GitHub, and also Interview Prep and Resume building.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a 24-36 hour programming competition where students from various backgrounds come together, form teams, share ideas, and help each other build innovative projects. It is one of the best ways to meet new people, learn from mentors, and make cool stuff.

I can't code. Help?

If you can't code, don't worry! Workshops at Training Day will include Intro level Programming as well as help in other Programming Fundamentals! Mentors will also be around to answer any questions you might have!

How big are teams?

To qualify for prizes, teams can be as big as 4 people. If you don’t have a team organized prior to our event, that's okay! We will have a team-forming session where you will meet tons of amazing people!

Who can attend?

Anyone! We accept a wide range of applicants, from beginner programmers, to experienced hackathon veterans. We only require that 18 or under applicants bring a signed parental consent form.

What should I bring?

All attendees are required to bring a valid government ID (ex: driver’s license, passport) for admission. Also bring your laptop, and any hardware you wish to use in your hack. We will have sponsors loaning out tons of hardware as well!

How do I get there?

The event is at Trustly Headquarters in Santa Clara, CA.. There is lots of parking on the premises, and it is easily accessible by local Public Transit.

How much does this cost?

FREE! The cost of the event is covers by our lovely sponsors, so apply now!

Are high school students allowed?

Yes! Please share the event with other students and teachers since we’ve found many offer extra credit for classes going as a group! If you are under 18, we do require your parent or guardian’s permission to attend and will contact you if you are accepted for more details.

Do you have a code of conduct?

Yes! Our code of conduct is at the bottom of our page and here. TL;DR please respect all others at the event. We reserve the right to remove those who don’t make our event comfortable for everyone.

Speakers & Judges

Sal Khan
Founder, Khan Academy
Tony Conrad
Founder, About.me
Sam Altman
President, Y Combinator
Mike Osier
CIO, Chegg
And more..

And more..


HackingEDU Press Kit
“[HackingEDU] provides the platform… to transform [education] in an environment where the best ideas can be incubated and implemented, benefiting generations of university students and instructors.”

-Matt Hunckler, Forbes